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The Food Safety Hazard Guidebook (Free PDF)

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Food safety is important. Consumers have a right to expect that those who supply the food that they buy have taken every care to manufacture products that will do them no harm. Those with a responsibility for the regulation of the global food industry recognise this principle and legislate accordingly. This confers a legal and a moral duty, as well as an economic incentive, on all food businesses to ensure that the food they supply is as free from food safety hazards as is practically possible. The food business that tries to evade its responsibilities in this regard will not remain in business for very long.

The business of managing and regulating the safety of the food supply chain has come a long way in the last 25 years or so. Prompted by the emergence of new food safety hazards, such as the bacterial pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli O157, powerful new techniques for evaluating and managing the risks presented by these threats have been developed. For example, hazard-analysis critical control point, or HACCP, has now become the food safety management system of choice worldwide. Similarly, the technique of risk assessment has been developed to the point where it can be applied to almost anything. There now exists a comprehensive toolbox of techniques for managing the safety of food, and a plethora of training and guidance options for learning how to use the tools. As a result, there is now little to excuse any food business that fails to protect its customers from known food safety hazards.

Section 1: Biological Hazards
Chapter 1.1: Bacteria
Chapter 1.2: Viruses
Chapter 1.3: Parasites
Chapter 1.4: Prions
Section 2: Chemical Hazards
Chapter 2.1: Biological Toxins
Chapter 2.2: Non-Biological Contaminants
Section 3: Allergens
Chapter 3.1: Food Allergy
Chapter 3.2: Specific Allergens
Chapter 3.3: Allergen-Control Options
Chapter 3.4: Allergen Legislation
Section 4: Food Safety Legislation
Section 5: Sources of Further Information
Subject Index

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