Saturday, April 25, 2020

Excel Workbook for "Control Valve Sizing and Selection Application for Gas Flow in Mass Flow Units"

What is Control Valves ?
The control valve is an automated valve that can make precise adjustments to regulate and monitor any commodity flowing through a piping system. The function of a control valve is to provide throttling control in response to signals from a control system, using an actuator and a positioner. They are considered the ‘‘final control element’’ in an automated and usually very sophisticated ‘‘control loop.’’

By using these Excel Calculator you can Calculate the Following Parameters 
  • Valve Sizing
  • Installed Flow
  • Installed Gain
  • xT,FL,FD,AEta,Stp
  • Denstity,Mol Mass
  • SPL Convertions
  • SPL Calculations
  • Calculation of Valve Capacity in Units of Cv and Size in Units of Inch
  • Pipe Wall Thickness

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