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CNC Programming: CAD/CAM course

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During secondary motion either the tool motion, moves relative to the workpieceor theworkpiecemoves relative to the tool. In NC programming, it is always assumed that the tool moves relative to the workpieceno matter what the real situation is.

positioningTable of Important G codes
Table of Important M codes
Manual Part Programming Example
1. Set up the programming parameters
2. Set up the machining conditions
3. Move tool from p0 to p1 in straight line
4. Cut profile from p1 to p2
5. Cut profile from p2 to p3
6. Cut along circle from p3 to p4
7. Cut from p4 to p5
8. Cut from p5 to p1
9. Return to home position, stop program
 CNC Programming Example [2]
PartCNC Programming Example [3]

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