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Chemical Reaction Engineering (Objective Questions With Answers)

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01. Pick out the wrong statement.
(A) Visible radiation provides the necessary activation energy in photochemical reactions
(B) The order and molecularity of a complex reaction may not be the same
(C) For a second order reaction, the slope of the graph/plot between rate and (concentration) is
equal to the rate constant (k)
(D) Molecularity of the reaction is always a whole number greater than zero
Answer: Option B

02. In a first order reaction, the time required to reduce the concentration of reactant from 1 mole/litre to 0.5 mole/litre will be __________ that required to reduce it from 10 moles/litre to 5
moles/litre in the same volume.
(A) More than
(B) Less than
(C) Same as
(D) Data insufficient; can't be predicted
Answer: Option C

03. An irreversible first order reaction is being carried out in a CSTR and PFR of same volume. The liquid flow rates are same. The relative conversion will
(A) Be more in CSTR than in PFR
(B) Be more in PFR than in CSTR
(C) Be same in both cases
(D) Depend on the temperature
Answer: Option B

04. Participation of __________ is involved in the occurrence of a chemical reaction.
(A) Protons
(B) Neutrons
(C) Electrons
(D) None of these
Answer: Option C

05. A photochemical reaction is __________ light.
(A) Initiated by
(B) Accompanied with emission of
(C) Catalysed by
(D) Used to convert heat energy into
Answer: Option A

06. Fluid flow in a real packed bed can be approximated as __________ model.
(A) Plug flow
(B) Dispersion
(C) Mixed flow
(D) Tank in series
Answer: Option B

07. The value of 'n' for a chemical reaction A → B, whose reaction rate is → CA", will be __________ if the rate of the reaction increases by a factor of 8, when the concentration of is doubled.
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 3
Answer: Option D

08. __________ resistance is not involved in the combustion of a carbon particle.
(A) Gas film
(B) Ash
(C) Chemical reaction
(D) None of these
Answer: Option B

09. A stirred tank reactor compared to tubular-flow reactor provides
(A) More uniform operating conditions
(B) Permits operation at the optimum temperature for a long reaction time
(C) Higher overall selectivity for a first order consecutive reaction
(D) All (A), (B) and (C)
Answer: Option D

10. A first order reaction is to be treated in a series of two mixed reactors. The total volume of the two reactors is minimum, when the reactors are
(A) Equal in size
(B) Of different sizes
(C) Of such size that the ratio of their volumes is < 5
(D) None of these
Answer: Option A

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