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Gear Hobbing, Shaping, and Shaving

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The theory of gears is based almost entirely on mathematical science. Lengthy and complex calculations are required to specify gear data, gear cutting tools, and gear inspection instruments. Gear manufacturing companies employ specialists in gear and tool design, who, with the aid of computer programs, generate data for gears and cutting tools. Many more manufacturing and industrial engineers are, however, involved daily in estimating and planning production "facilities and rates for gear cutting operations. These activities require cycle time calculations, and extensive knowledge of processes and cutting parameters.

This book covers one aspect of gear manufacturing often neglected or only summarily mentioned in other works: how to estimate effective cycle times for hobbing, shaping, and shaving operations. Reliable estimating requires a substantial amount of calculations and a good understanding of processes, machines, cutting tools, and cutting parameters. A thorough discussion of all the variables that affect cycle time provide a better insight in gear manufacturing processes, their field of application, and their limitations. Gear process planning is also considered a special skill. In addition to having a broad knowledge of gear manufacturing, the process planner must also be experienced in blank preparation techniques, heat treatment operations and their affect on quality, and finishing operations after heat treatment.

Part I: Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction to Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving
Chapter 2: Hobbing
Chapter 3: Shapin
Chapter 4: Shaving
Part II: Process Planning
Chapter 5: Gear Manufacturing Methods
Chapter 6: Spline Manufacturing Processes
Chapter 7: Special Gear and Spline Processes
Chapter 8: Blanking
Chapter 9: Heat Treatment
Chapter 10: Grinding
Chapter 11: Process Planning Examples
Chapter 12: Gear Terminology
Part III: Bibliography

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"Robert Endoy"

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