Thursday, February 7, 2019

Leture Note's On Refrigerant Issues Discussion

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To protect the ozone layer by controlling, reducing and ultimately eliminating global emissions of ozone depleting Substances (ODS

A binding time -frame for ending production, consumption and trade of ODS.

Article 5 parties (mainly developing countries) are given more time than non-Article 5 parties (mainly developed countries) to reduce and eliminate the use of ODS.

Most successful treaty in the United Nations, which achieved univesal ratificication of 197 parties.

1. Ozone Depletion is Declining
2. HCFCs Phase-out Schedule for Article- 5 Parties
3. Existing Control of HCFCs
4. Ozone Depletion potential of HCFCs
5. Global Consumption of HCFCs
6. ODP vs ODPT
7. Kyoto Protocol
8. Increasing Global Threats to the HFC's
9. Why Go After HFC's?
10. EU Proposed Regulation
11. Timeline of Refrigerant Usage
12. Timeline of HFC Phasedown Regulations and Proposals
13. Singapore Green Mark Version 4.1
14. SGBP Certified Products
15. In Summary

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