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Workshop Drawing

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To offer one more book on engineering drawing when so many are available already may seem to be imprudent. However, it is an unfortunate fact, so far as the model engineer and amateur machinist is concerned, that almost all the existing books are either directed to the passing of examinations or intended to be used in conjunction with class teaching, or both. As a result the reader is faced with much matter which does not apply to workshop use and, at the same time, finds many gaps. This is inevitable, for to 'meet the syllabus' much theory must be covered and the class teacher of course, fills in the gaps. I know of only one book which could enable a raw beginner to learn to make (and hence to read) drawings from a clean sheet of paper* and that, unfortunately, seems to be out of print and, in any case, is based entirely on American practice.

Section 1: The Rules and 'Grammar' of Drawing
Section 2: The Conventions of 'Projection'
Section 3: Hidden Details and Sections
Section 4: Dimensioning
Section 5: Conventional Representation
Section 6: Tolerances
Section 7: Machining Marks
Section 8: Making Drawings and Sketches
Section 9: Reading Drawings
Section 10: Developments and Intersections
Section 11: Metric and Imperial Drawings
Appendix 1: Theory of Orthographic Projection
Appendix 2: Standard Sizes of Drawing Paper

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"Tubal Cain"

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