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Pro Apache XML (Free PDF)

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Recent years have seen tremendous acceptance of both XML and open source technologies in the IT industry. Apache developed several projects that use XML extensively. However, most of the Apache projects are documented primarily for programmers and carry very little documentation for novices. It becomes extremely difficult for a beginner or an intermediate user to use these projects in their applications without the availability of adequate code examples. This book tries to bridge this gap by bringing together important Apache projects that are useful for developing XML applications along with documentation and ample code examples on each project.

The general impression in the industry is that Apache projects necessarily require use of the Linux operating system. Thus, most books on Apache are written around Linux. However, Apache projects support the Windows operating system and run equally well on Windows. Although all of the examples in this book are developed on Windows, the applications are Java based. Because Java is a platform-neutral language, all the applications could run on both operating systems without any code modifications; what differs is only the software installation for each project. These differences are minor and typically involve only setting the path and other environment variables. For those who use Linux, I have included an appendix that describes the software installation for each chapter.

The book uses a stock brokerage theme to describe the XML-based application development. This gives you a near real-life application development perspective.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
CHAPTER 2: XML Processing 
CHAPTER 3: Web Services Architecture 
CHAPTER 5: XSLT and Apache Xalan 
CHAPTER 7: The Apache Cocoon Framework 
CHAPTER 8: XML-Security 
CHAPTER 9: XML Databases 
CHAPTER 10: Apache Forrest 
APPENDIX A. Linux Installations 
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"DR. POORNACHANDRA SARANG", one of the leading software architects in the industry, has more than 20 years of IT experience and provides consulting on the architecture and design of IT solutions to worldwide clients. He has taught at the University of Notre Dame and is currently an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Mumbai in India.

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