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Sams Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days, (3rd Edition)

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Welcome to Extensible Markup Language (XML), the most influential innovation the Internet has seen in years. XML is a powerful, very dynamic topic, spanning dozens of fields, from the simple to the very complex. This book opens up that world, going after XML with dozens of topics—and hundreds of examples.

Unlike other XML books, this book makes it a point to show how XML actually works, making sure that you see everything demonstrated with examples. The biggest problem with most XML books is that they discuss XML and its allied specifications in the abstract, which makes it very hard to understand what’s going on. This book, however, illustrates every XML discussion with examples. It shows all that’s in the other books and more besides, emphasizing seeing things at work to make it all clear.

Instead of abstract discussions, this book provides concrete working examples because that’s the only way to really learn XML. You’re going to see where to get a lot of free software on the Internet to run the examples you create—everything from XML browsers to XPath visualizers to XQuery processors to XForms handlers, which you don’t find in other books. You’ll create XML-based documents that display multimedia shows you can play in RealPlayer, use browser plug-ins to handle XML-based graphics in the popular Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) browsers, enable Web pages to load and handle XML, and much more. XML can get complicated, and seeing it at work is the best way
to understand it.

Part I Creating XML Documents
Day 1 Welcome to XML
2 Creating XML Documents
3 Creating Well-Formed XML Documents
4 Creating Valid XML Documents: DTDs
5 Handling Attributes and Entities in DTDs
6 Creating Valid XML Documents: XML Schemas
7 Creating Your Own Types in XML Schemas
Part I In Review
Part II Formatting XML Documents
Day 8 Formatting XML by Using Cascading Style Sheets
9 Formatting XML by Using XSLT
10 Working with XSL Formatting Objects
Part II In Review
Part III XML at Work
Day 11 Extending HTML with XHTML
12 Putting XHTML to Work
13 Creating Graphics and Multimedia: SVG and SMIL
14 Handling XLinks, Xpointer, and XForms
Part III In Review
Part IV Programming and XML
Day 15 Using JavaScript and XML
16 Using Java and .NET: DOM
17 Using Java and .NET: SAX
18 Working with SOAP and RDF
Part IV In Review
Part V Data Handling and XML

Day 19 Handling XML Data Binding
20 Working with XML and Databases
21 Handling XML in .NET
Part V In Review
Appendix A Answers to Quiz Questions

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"Steven Holzner"

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