Monday, April 29, 2019

2D Game Art: A Simple Guide to Creating Great 2D Game art & Animation

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As artists we are always drawing, inventing new worlds for our characters to live in, or seeing the world around us as food for our pencils. So to that end I was drawing for as long as I can remember. My first break into the professional world of animation was with Sullivan Bluth Studios Dublin, Ireland. Here I was introduced into a world where artists worked hand in hand to create very complex and involved classical animated features.

Each drawing was created frame by frame and reworked to perfection for structure and timing, till a handful of drawings became a scene. Passed from department to department till each scene made its way in color to film. So all our works were transformed to acetate and eventually pixels, for millions of people over the world to see.

1. Introduction
2. Game View
3. Drawing Assets
4. Painting & Tiling
5. Storyboards, Game Animatic
6. Animation and Motion
7. Effects

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"Declan Walsh"

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