Thursday, April 25, 2019

Beginning Platino Game Engine

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Learn how to build a game using Platino Studio. Follow step-by-step basics to create an app, and then add different functionalities and game logic.

With Beginning Platino Game Engine you will be able to develop UWP apps using the Processing JS language. You also will be introduced to Temboo and extending the processing language to IoT.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Game Engine
Chapter 2: The Platino Game Engine
Chapter 3: Installing and Setting Up Platino Game Engine
Chapter 4: Getting into Development with Platino Game Engine
Chapter 5: Creative Coding and Processing
Chapter 6: Extending Processing for UWP and IoT with Temboo

Author Details
"Abhishek Nandy" is the second individual from India to earn the prestigious Intel Black Belt Developer designation. He is also a Microsoft MVP and Intel Software Innovator.

"Debashree Chanda" is a designer at Geek Monkey Studios. She is learning Platino and she plans to build lot of apps on it. She has also won several challenges at TopCoder.

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