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Beginning Python Games Development (2nd edition)

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Game development is a field in programming that brings together many topics at once: Mathematics, physics, graphics, user interfaces, artificial intelligence, and a whole lot more. For this reason, game development is both challenging and rewarding. In most languages, game development is not something that is recommended for any beginner to programming. Game development with a friendly language, like Python, along with a module like Pygame, however, allows just about anyone to easily enter the field of game development. Even if you are completely new to programming with Python, or a seasoned developer, you may find that game development is a great way to further learn programming. Normally, programming is not a very visual experience, but games change this. You can see your programming logic at work in way that is normally not possible.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Introducing Python
Chapter 2: Exploring Python
Chapter 3: Introducing Pygame
Chapter 4: Creating Visuals
Chapter 5: Making Things Move
Chapter 6: Accepting User Input
Chapter 7: Take Me to Your Leader
Chapter 8: Moving into the Third Dimension
Chapter 9: Exploring the Third Dimension
Chapter 10: Making Things Go Boom
Chapter 11: Lights, Camera, Action!
Chapter 12: Setting the Scene with OpenGL
Appendix A: Game Object Reference
Appendix B: Packaging Your Game

Author Details
"Harrison Kinsley" is a software developer and entrepreneur living in Texas. He has multiple businesses, all built with Python.

"Will McGugan" is a software developer living and working in northwest England. He has worked in video games and computer graphics since the early days of 3D and has created several shareware games in his spare time.

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