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Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Volume 1: Principles of Rotating Equipment

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This series has evolved from my personal experience over the last 40 years with the design, selection, testing, start-up and condition monitoring of rotating equipment. Most of the concept figures were originally written on a blackboard or whiteboard during a training session and on a spare piece of paper or I beam during a start-up or a problem solving plant visit.

My entire career has been devoted to this interesting and important field. Then and now more than ever, the cost of rotating equipment downtime can severely limit revenue and profits. A large process unit today can produce daily revenues in excess of 5 million US dollars. And yet, the operators, millwrights and engineers responsible for the safety and reliability of this equipment have not been afforded the opportunity to learn the design basis for this equipment in practical terms. I have also observed in the last ten years or so, that the number of experienced personnel in this field is diminishing rapidly.

About the author
1. Rotating equipment overview
2. Compressor characteristics
3. Operation of a compressor in a system
4. Pump types and applications
5. Pump performance data
6. Centrifugal pump hydraulic disturbances
7. Pump mechanical design
8. Mechanical seals
9. Compressor types and applications
10. The concept of fluid head
11. Performance relationships
12. Surge (stall) and stonewall
13. The effect of a gas density change
14. Turbo-compressor mechanical design overview
15. Radial bearing design
16. Rotor axial (thrust) forces
17. Compressor seal system overview and types
18. Reciprocating compressors major component functions
19. Flexible coupling design, installation and operation
20. Steam turbine function and types
21. Steam turbine performance
22. Steam turbine mechanical design overview
23. Steam turbine inlet steam regulation
24. Steam turbine control/protection systems
25. Steam turbine operation
26. Gas turbine types and applications
27. Gas turbine performance
28. Gas turbine mechanical design
29. Gas turbine support systems
30. Gas turbine control and protection
31. Lubrication system overview and types
32. Monitoring reliability and component condition
33. Conversion to Metric System

Author Details
"W E (Bill) Forsthoffer" 
President, Forsthoffer Associates
Washington Crossing, PA, USA 

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