Tuesday, May 21, 2019

21 Recipes for Mining Twitter (Free PDF)

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This intentionally terse recipe collection provides you with 21 easily adaptable Twitter mining recipes and is a spin-off of Mining the Social Web (O'Reilly), a more comprehensive work that covers a much larger cross-section of the social web and related analysis. Think of this ebook as the jetpack that you can strap onto that great Twitter mining idea you've been noodling on—whether it’s as simple as running some disposible scripts to crunch some numbers, or as extensive as creating a full-blown interactive web application.

The Recipes
1.1 Using OAuth to Access Twitter APIs
1.2 Looking Up the Trending Topics
1.3 Extracting Tweet Entities
1.4 Searching for Tweets
1.5 Extracting a Retweet’s Origins
1.6 Creating a Graph of Retweet Relationships
1.7 Visualizing a Graph of Retweet Relationships
1.8 Capturing Tweets in Real-time with the Streaming API
1.9 Making Robust Twitter Requests
1.10 Harvesting Tweets
1.11 Creating a Tag Cloud from Tweet Entities
1.12 Summarizing Link Targets
1.13 Harvesting Friends and Followers
1.14 Performing Setwise Operations on Friendship Data
1.15 Resolving User Profile Information
1.16 Crawling Followers to Approximate Potential Influence
1.17 Analyzing Friendship Relationships such as Friends of Friends
1.18 Analyzing Friendship Cliques
1.19 Analyzing the Authors of Tweets that Appear in Search Results
1.20 Visualizing Geodata with a Dorling Cartogram
1.21 Geocoding Locations from Profiles (or Elsewhere)

Author Details
"Matthew A. Russell"

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