Saturday, May 11, 2019

Crazy Animals And Other Activities for Teaching English to Young Learners

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There are many books of activities for teaching English in the primary classroom, but this book is different. It is different because all the activities have been tried and tested by the very people who are going to use them, teachers like you. These teachers work in the most diverse contexts and conditions, sometimes with large classes, sometimes with very small groups, sometimes with every type of resource you could wish for, sometimes with only a board to support their teaching. However, they share a desire to help their students to learn English in an enjoyable way. We imagine you too share this desire and that is why you have picked this book. We hope you find the activities useful, engaging and fun too, and enjoy using them in your class.

1. Introduction
2. Activities
3. Index grid
4. Contributors

Author Details
"Fiona Copland"

"Sue Garton"

"Monika Davis"

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