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Cyber-security Incident Response (Free PDF)

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There are two reasons I wrote this book. The first, I’ve sat through several incident response table-top exercises and witnessed firsthand how uncomfortable the process is when one does not feel prepared. Second, I read Urban Meyer’s book above the line, which I felt spoke to me about how to create a culture of preparation, teamwork and no excuses.

This book is not a technical book with deep dives into incident response forensics. You will not learn how to perform and analyze memory dumps here. This work focuses on how to establish an incident response program. It focuses on policy, strategy, people and process. It was written for members of incident response teams building and enhancing the program and for executives and members of management. Stakeholder in incident response not part of IT can read this book and get a sense of what the incident response program should look like.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: The Significance of Incident Response
Chapter 2: Necessary Prerequisites
Chapter 3: Incident Response Frameworks
Chapter 4: Leadership, Teams, and Culture
Chapter 5: The Incident Response Strategy
Chapter 6: Cyber Risks and the Attack Life Cycle
Chapter 7: Detection and Identification of Events
Chapter 8: Containment
Chapter 9: Eradication, Recovery, and Post-incident Review
Chapter 10: Continuous Monitoring of Incident Response Program
Chapter 11: Incident Response Story
Chapter 12: This Is a Full-Time Job
Appendix: NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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"Eric C. Thompson"

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