Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Foundations for Efficient Web Service Selection

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The Web has evolved to encompass various information resources accessible worldwide. Organizations across all spectra have already moved their main operations to the Web, which has brought about a fast growth of various Web applications. Service oriented computing is emerging as a new computing paradigm for efficient deployment and access of these exponentially growing plethora of Web applications. The development of enabling technologies for such an infrastructure is expected to change the way of conducting business on the Web. Web services have become de facto the most significant technological by-product.

The ability to efficiently access Web services is necessary, in light of the large and widely geographically disparate space of services. Using Web services would typically consist of invoking their operations by sending and receiving messages. However, complex applications, for example, a travel package that accesses multiple Web services, would need an integrated framework to efficiently access and manipulate Web services functionalities. The increasing adoption of Web services requires a systematic support of query facilities. The service oriented queries would enable users to access multiple Web services in a transparent and efficient manner. In addition, as Web services with similar functionality are expected to be provided by competing providers, a major challenge is devising optimization strategies for finding the best Web services or composition thereof with respect to the expected user-supplied quality (e.g., time, fee, and reputation).

1. Introduction
2. Towards a WSMS: The State of the Art
3. A Foundational Service Framework
4. Multi-objective Service Query Optimization
5. Skyline Computation for Multi-Service Query Optimization
6. Skyline Computation over Uncertain QoWS
7. Related Work
8. Conclusions

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"Athman Bouguettaya"

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