Thursday, June 20, 2019

Advanced Solid State Physics (Free PDF)

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Solid state physics is (still) the study of how atoms arrange themselves into solids and what properties these solids have.

The atoms arrange in particular patterns because the patterns minimize the energy in a binding, which is typically with more than one neighbor in a solid. An ordered (periodic) arrangement is called crystal, a disordered arrangement is called amorphous.

All the macroscopic properties like electrical conductivity, color, density, elasticity and more are determined by and can be calculated from the microscopic structure.

1. What is Solid State Physics
2. Schrödinger Equation
3. Quantization
4. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field - Quantization Recipe
5. Photonic Crystals
6. Phonons
7. Electrons
8. Crystal Physics
9. Magnetism and Response to Electric and Magnetic Fields
10. Transport Regimes
11. Quasiparticles
12. Electron-electron interactions, Quantum electronics
13. Optical Processes
14. Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics
15. Summary: Silicon
16. Superconductivity

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