Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Statistical Physics: Second Revised and Enlarged Edition

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This third edition of Statistical Physics follows the organization and purpose of the second edition, with comparatively minor updating and changes to the text. I hope it continues to provide an accessible introduction to the subject, particularly suitable for physics undergraduates. Chapter summaries have been added to the first nine (basic) chapters, in order to encourage students to revise the important ideas of each chapter – essential background for an informed understanding of later chapters.

1. Basic ideas
2. Distinguishable particles
3. Two examples
4. Gases: the density of states
5. Gases: the distributions
6. Maxwell–Boltzmann gases
7. Diatomic gases
8. Fermi–Dirac gases
9. Bose–Einstein gases
10. Entropy in other situations
11. Phase transitions
12. Two new ideas
13. Chemical thermodynamics
14. Dealing with interactions
15. Statistics under extreme conditions
Appendix A. Some elementary counting problems
Appendix B. Some problems with large numbers
Appendix C. Some useful integrals
Appendix D. Some useful constants
Appendix E. Exercises
Appendix F. Answers to exercises

Author Details
"Tony GuĂ©nault" Emeritus Professor of Low Temperature Physics Lancaster University, UK

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