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Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Short Course (2nd Edition)

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This second edition of Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Short Course adopts the same philosophy as the first — that is, chapters of introductory material followed by chapters featuring detailed discussions of specific bioinorganic chemistry topics. This approach foregoes any attempt to exhaustively survey the enormous range of bioinorganic topics that occupy the attention and research of theoreticians and experimentalists currently engaged in the field. In this second edition, introductory Chapters 1 and 2 cover inorganic chemistry essentials and biochemistry fundamentals for bioinorganic chemistry students whose background in these topics may be less than ideal. Chapter 3 (Instrumental Methods) concentrates on the physical and analytical methods used to describe the bioinorganic systems discussed in Chapters 5 through 7 . Chapter 4 (Computer Hardware, Software, and Computational Chemistry Methods) describes some of the vast array of computer hardware, software, and drawing, visualization, computational, and modeling programs used by every researcher studying bioinorganic systems. Computational chemistry, for instance, allows researchers to predict molecular structures of known and theoretical compounds and to design and test new compounds on computers rather than at the laboratory bench. Chapter 5 (Group I and II Metals in Biological Systems: Homeostasis and Group I Biomolecules) discusses the vital roles of sodium and potassium ions in maintaining cellular integrity, and features the Nobel Prize - winning work of Roderick MacKinnon’s research group on potassiumion channels.

1. Inorganic Chemistry Essentials
2. Biochemistry Fundamentals
3. Instrumental Methods
4. Computer Hardware, Software, and Computational Chemistry Methods
5. Group I and II Metals in Biological Systems: Homeostasis and Group I Biomolecules
6. Group I and II Metals in Biological Systems: Group II
7. Iron-Containing Proteins and Enzymes

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Chemistry Department
Washington College
Chestertown, MD

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