Thursday, June 27, 2019

Gravity Flow Pipe Design Charts (Free PDF)

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The charts available in this book were originally developed by the authors to give engineers and architects within the international Over Arup Partnership a direct means of determining flow conditions in gravity flow pipes. With their wider publication it is hoped that a greater number of engineers and others engaged in the design or analysis of sewers and drainage pipes will benefit from their use. In so doing it is believed that more consistent and economical solutions to gravity pipe-flow problems will result.

* Notation
* Introduction
* Theory
* Design Parameters
* Using the Charts
* Design Methodology
* Worked Examples
* References
* Charts
* D 100 mm
* D 150 mm
* D 200 mm
* D 225 mm
* D 250 mm
* D 300 mm
* D 375 mm
* D 400 mm
* D 450 mm
* D 500 mm
* D 600 mm

Author Details
"David Butler"
"Brian R.C. Pinkerton"

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