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Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb (Free PDF)

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Pile design is mostly about application of engineering concepts rather than use of elaborate mathematical techniques. Most pile design work can be done with simple arithmetic. I have provided necessary equations and concepts in a manner so that the reader would be able to refer to them with ease. All chapters are provided with plethora of design examples. The solutions to design examples are given in a step by step basis with many illustrations.

In geotechnical engineering, formulas and methodologies change significantly from sandy soils to clay soils. I made all attempts to separate equations based on soil type. Different pile types also would affect the design methods used. As often the case, one may find mixed soil conditions. I have provided necessary theory and design examples to tackle pile design in mixed soil conditions.

This book is mainly aimed at practicing geotechnical engineers, graduate and undergraduate students who are planning to become geotechnical engineers. The book should be a great addition to the civil professional engineer exam in USA or the chartered engineer exam in commonwealth countries. This book would also be of interest to structural engineers and architects who may run into piling work occasionally.

PART 1: Introduction to Pile Selection
1. Site Investigation and Soil Conditions
2. Pile Types
3. Selection of Pile Type
PART 2: Design of Pile Foundations
4. Pile Design in Sandy Soils
5. Pile Design in Clay Soils
6. Pile Design: Special Situations
7. Design of Caissons
8. Design of Pile Groups
9. Pile Settlement
10. Pile Design in Rock
PART 3: Design Strategies
11. Lateral Loading Analysis
12. Load Distribution Inside Piles
13. Neutral Plane Concept
14. Negative Skin Friction and Bitumen-Coated Pile Design
15. Pile Design in Expansive Soils
16. Wave Equation Analysis
17. Batter Piles
18. Vibratory Hammers — Design of Piles
19. Seismic Analysis of Piles
20. Pile Design Software
21. Dynamic Analysis
PART 4: Construction Methods
22. Pile Hammers
23. Pile Inspection
24. Water Jetting
25. Cost Estimate for Pile-Driving Projects
26. Pile Load Tests
27. Underpinning
28. Offshore Piling
29. Tie Beams, Grade Beams, and Pile Caps
30. Design Drawings and As-Built Drawings
Appendix A: Soil Mechanics Relationships

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"Ruwan Rajapakse"

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