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Piping Systems & Pipeline: ASME Code Simplified

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The genesis of this book came from work done on another book about codes, Pressure Vessels: The ASME Code Simplified. It was fueled by several years working on the ASME B31 Pipe Codes as a volunteer for both the B31.3 Section Committee and the Mechanical Design Technical Committee. And it was honed by the many years spent in the designing and fabricating of products under the guidance and regulation of one or more of the various codes, both national and international, that are used to help make modern pressure technology systems safer.
Chapter 1. Piping History
Chapter 2. Historical Development
Chapter 3. Metrication
Chapter 4. Materials
Chapter 5. Design
Chapter 6. Flexibility Design
Chapter 7. Pipe Support
Chapter 8. Listed and Unlisted Components
Chapter 9. Fabrication
Chapter 10. Inspection, Examination, and Testing
Chapter 11. Special Considerations for Pipelines
Chapter 12. Special Considerations for Other Pipe Systems
Appendix A. Area Replacement Drawings
Appendix B. Pipe Charts
Appendix C. Sample Test Report
Appendix D. Stress
Appendix E. Bends and Miters
Appendix F. Addresses of Organizations Referred to in the B31 Codes

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"J. Phillip Ellenberger", P.E.

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