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Beginning Android (5th Edition)

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Welcome to Beginning Android, Fifth Edition. In this fifth edition, I have completely rewritten the book and have taken stock of all the great changes that have happened to the Android platform with the releases of version 5.0 Lollipop and version 6.0 Marshmallow.

Tackling the latest and greatest aspects of Android will become second nature once you explore this book, but more importantly, you will also have a rock-solid foundation into the fundamentals of Android that span all its versions. You will explore and learn about activities, fragments, all of the user interface and user experience elements, services, data management, web services, and many, many more building blocks for your Android applications.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Part I: Get Android and Get Coding!
Chapter 1: Welcome to Android
Chapter 2: Ready, Set, Code!
Chapter 3: Inside Your First Android Project
Chapter 4: Changing and Enhancing Your Project
Part II: Activities and the User Interface
Chapter 5: Working with Android Widgets
Chapter 6: Layouts and UI Design
Chapter 7: Building Layouts with Lists and Adapters
Chapter 8: Working with Input Methods, Menus and Dialogs
Chapter 9: Adopting the Action Bar
Chapter 10: The Life of an Activity
Part III: A World of Wonderful Devices and Screens
Chapter 11: Android Fragments
Chapter 12: Intents and Receivers
Chapter 13: Making Phone Calls
Chapter 14: Making Noise with Audio for Android
Chapter 15: Locations and Mapping with Android
Part IV: Working with Resources and Services
Chapter 16: Weaving the Web with Android
Chapter 17: Working with Files
Chapter 18: Managing Databases with Android
Chapter 19: Using Preferences
Chapter 20: Android Security and Permissions
Chapter 21: Incorporating External Libraries with Android
Chapter 22: Leveraging Android Services
Chapter 23: Communicating with Notifications

Author Details
"Grant Allen"

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