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Fire Safety Management Handbook (3rd Edition)

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Safety managers today are required to go beyond compliance with the latest fire codes to implement proactive fire safety management programs that improve profitability. By reducing property loss insurance premiums and fostering an efficient work environment to help realize quality gains, safety managers can add to the bottom line; however, they need a solid understanding of the duties and responsibilities for which they are accountable.

The Fire Safety Management Handbook is every safety manager’s must-have guide for developing a successful fire safety management program. Emphasizing proactive fire safety activities that achieve optimal results, the text presents the key elements that comprise an effective fire safety management program, including a basic knowledge of:

* Types and functions of fire control equipment
* Identification and control of hazardous materials
* Homeland security during disasters and emergencies
* Fire chemistry, building construction, and efforts to reduce losses due to fire
* Commonly installed fire detection systems and their maintenance and inspection
* National Fire Codes (NFPA) and federal, state, and local legislation and enforcement
* Available resources, fire safety organizations, and the United States Fire Administration (USFA)

About The Author
Chapter 1: Major Organizations in the Fields of Fire Safety
Chapter 2: Fire Chemistry
Chapter 3: Essential Elements
Chapter 4: Identification and Control of Materials Considered Hazardous
Chapter 5: Building Construction
Chapter 6: Fire Detection Systems
Chapter 7: Fire Control Systems
Chapter 8: Care, Maintenance, and Inspection
Chapter 9: Legal Aspects, Organization, and Legislation
Chapter 10: Emergency Response planning for Safety Professionals
Chapter 11: The United States Fire Administration
Chapter 12: Department of Homeland Security
Glossary/Fire Terms

Author Details
"Daniel E. Della-Giustina", Ph.D.

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