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Tensors for Physics: Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics

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Tensors are needed in Physics to describe anisotropies and orientational behavior. While every physics student knows what a vector is, there is often an uneasiness about the notion tensor. In lectures, I used to tell students: “you can be a good physicist without knowing much about tensors, but when you learn how to handle tensors and what they are good for, you will have a considerable advantage. And here is your chance to learn about tensors as a mathematical tool and to get familiar with their applications to physics.”

Part I: A Primer on Vectors and Tensors
1. Introduction
2. Basics
3. Symmetry of Second Rank Tensors, Cross Product
4. Epsilon-Tensor
5. Symmetric Second Rank Tensors
6. Summary: Decomposition of Second Rank Tensors
7. Fields, Spatial Differential Operators
8. Integration of Fields
Part II: Advanced Topics
9. Irreducible Tensors
10. Multipole Potentials
11. Isotropic Tensors
12. Integral Formulae and Distribution Functions
13. Spin Operators
14. Rotation of Tensors
15. Liquid Crystals and Other Anisotropic Fluids
16. Constitutive Relations
17. Tensor Dynamics
18. From 3D to 4D: Lorentz Transformation, Maxwell Equations
Appendix: Exercises: Answers and Solutions

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