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Cyber securities and Cyber Terrorism (Free PDF)

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Computer security is an unsolvable problem. So instead of trying to solve it, companies should think of network security as a set of risks that are inherent in doing business online. Viewing security from that perspective will lead to better decisions and superior technological design. Obviously, security gives rise to some straightforward problems, and businesses should examine whether they have solved them. The recent revelation that the payment protocols in some widely used e-commerce sites allowed customers to purchase even physical goods without paying is an example of a security problem that is quantifiable and solvable. But more often, computer security is better tackled with a risk-management approach, ih_ nb[n ^i_m hin l_kocl_ _r[]n ko[hnc`c][ncih. In‖m [ j_lmihh_f jli\f_g—much like office conflict, minor theft, misrepresentation of employee credentials, and employee health. Consider that employees who take risks to get their jobs done are both assets to the organization and threats to computer security. For example, an employee who manages to tunnel around the corporate firewall to log in remotely m__m nb_ jimcncp_ l_mofnm i` []]_mm `lig big_. Tb_ _gjfis__‖m moj_lpcmil m__m ihfs increased productivity. Security risks are part of getting the job done. Networking and connectivity inherently include risk just as hiring a human being inherently carries risk.

Unit-1: Data Securities and Management
Unit-2: E- Governance
Unit-3: Net Neutrality
Unit-4: Legal Recognition of Digital Signature
Unit-5: Web Contents Accessibility Guideline
Unit-6: Cyber Warfare on Privacy and Identify Theft
Unit-7: International Law Governing Censorship
Unit-8: Online Privcy and securities Issues
Unit-9: Internet securities: Concepts, Tools and related Issues
Unit-10: Accountability of Service Providers
Unit-11: Protection of Contents on Website
Unit-12: International Treaties on Cyber Security
Unit-13: Cyber Terrorism: Meaning, Challenges and Issues
Unit-14: Cyber Terrorism: Global Perspectives
Unit-15: Cyber Terrorism: Indian Perspectives
Unit-16: Cyber Terrorism and Human Rights
Unit-17: Role of International Organization in Cyber Crimes
Unit-18: Case Studies and Cyber Crimes

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