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Electrical Studies for Trades (4th Edition)

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There are many technical fields that require a working knowledge of electricity, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive repair, electrical apprenticing, carpentry, building maintenance, construction work, and appliance repair. Electrical Studies for Trades, 4th Edition, is written for technicians who are not electricians but who must have a practical working knowledge of electricity in their chosen field. The fourth edition of Electrical Studies for Trades is the most comprehensive revision of the text since it was first published in 1997.

This text assumes the students have no knowledge of electricity. Electrical Studies for Trades, 4th Edition begins with atomic structure and basic electricity. The text progresses through Ohm’s Law calculations, series, parallel, and combination circuits. These concepts are presented in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure. The math level is kept to basic algebra and trigonometry. It is not the intent of this text to present electricity from a purely mathematical standpoint, but rather to explain it in an easy-to-read, straightforward manner using examples and illustration.

Electrical Studies for Trades, 4th Edition includes concepts of inductance and capacitance in alternating current circuits. Both single-phase and three-phase power systems are covered. Some of the electrical machines discussed in the text are transformers, three-phase motors, and single-phase motors. Common measuring instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters are covered. The text also includes information on oscilloscopes because there are many circuits that require the use of an oscilloscope in troubleshooting.

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Unit 2: Electrical Quantities, Ohm’s Law, and Resistors
Unit 3: Electrical Sources and Static Charges
Unit 4: Magnetism
Unit 5: Series Circuits
Unit 6: Parallel Circuits
Unit 7: Combination Circuits
Unit 8: Measuring Instruments
Unit 9: Alternating Current
Unit 10: Alternating Current Loads
Unit 11: Capacitive Loads
Unit 12: Three-Phase Circuits
Unit 13: Transformers
Unit 14: Electrical Services
Unit 15: General Wiring Practices Part 1—Receptacle and Switch Connections
Unit 16: General Wiring Practices Part 2—Protection Circuits, Dimmers, and Chimes
Unit 17: Three-Phase Motors
Unit 18: Single-Phase Motors
Unit 19: Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
Unit 20: Motor Installation
Appendix A. American Wire Gauge Table
Appendix B. Identification of Mica and Tubular Capacitors
Appendix C. Alternating Current Formulas
Appendix D. Greek Alphabet
Appendix E. Answers to Practice Problems

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"Stephen L. Herman"

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