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iOS Wow Factor: Apps and UX Design Techniques for iPhone and iPad

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It’s a tough market out there, and as I’m sure you know, it can be very difficult for your application to get noticed in the App Store. There are literally hundreds of thousands of both interesting and not so interesting applications available for download now. Just having a highly functional and stable application from a development perspective isn’t enough to get your app the recognition it needs to go mainstream. Users expect to be ‘Wowed’ with their iOS apps, this is probably something that you have experienced yourself. As you probably know, it’s the ‘Wow Factor’ of that initial app experience that sets the hook and gets users engaged with the features and functions that you or your development team have been working so hard to create. It’s ‘Wow Factor’ that gets you world of mouth recommendations between friends and great reviews in the app store. It’s ‘Wow Factor’ that can drive the viral adoption of the application that ends up funding your early retirement! The big question is, what is Wow Factor, and how do you get it?

Those are not easy questions to answer, but the good news is that there are answers, and I certainly will address those later in this book - but you need to know that you can get to ‘Wow’ if you are willing to start paying close attention to the details of your application experience. There’s no doubt about it, critical thinking, excellent problem solving skills, and solid design methods are behind any great user experience. Elevating your design practice to a higher level is absolutely necessary to get that ‘Wow’ that you are looking for, and that’s at the heart of what this book is about. But ‘Wow’ takes more than good design practice. It’s also rooted in how you think about, or frame up your design problems and that requires a greater understanding of the wider context for the design decisions you are going to make.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Putting the iOS Human Interface Guidelines in Context
Chapter 2: Deconstructing the iOS User Experience
Chapter 3: User Experience Differentiation and Strategy
Chapter 4: The Killer App
Chapter 5: Leveraging iOS Capabilities for Optimal User Experience
Chapter 6: Interaction Modeling and the Creation of Novel Concepts
Chapter 7: Control Mapping and Touchscreen Ergonomics
Chapter 8: Ease of Use and Feature Automation

Author Details
"Tim Wood" is currently Director of User Experience at EffectiveUI, where he leads an award winning design team specializing in the creation of custom applications for the web, mobile, and desktop environments.

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