Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Learning Penetration Testing with Python (Free PDF)

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Welcome to Learning Penetration Testing with Python. This book takes a radically different approach to teaching both penetration testing and scripting with Python, instead of highlighting how to create scripts that do the same thing as the current tools in the market, or highlighting specific types of exploits that can be written. We will explore how to approach an engagement, and see where scripting fits into an assessment and where the current tools meet the needs. This methodology will teach you not only how to go from building introductory scripts to multithreaded attack tools, but also how to assess an organization like a professional regardless of your experience level.

1. Understanding the Penetration Testing Methodology
2. The Basics of Python Scripting
3. Identifying Targets with Nmap, Scapy, and Python
4. Executing Credential Attacks with Python
5. Exploiting Services with Python
6. Assessing Web Applications with Python
7. Cracking the Perimeter with Python
8. Exploit Development with Python, Metasploit, and Immunity
9. Automating Reports and Tasks with Python
10. Adding Permanency to Python Tools

Author Details
"Christopher Duffy" currently leads cybersecurity and penetration testing engagements globally. He has a specialization in advanced technical testing, including penetration testing and security assessment done to evaluate an organization’s security strategy from a malicious actor’s perspective. He has worked a lot with both network and system engineering teams to evaluate critical system data flows, and identified areas where controls can be put in place to prevent a breach of sensitive or critical data.

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