Tuesday, August 27, 2019

GNOME 3 Application Development Beginner's Guide

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This book is about developing GNOME 3 applications with the Vala and JavaScript programming languages. It guides you to build GTK+, Clutter, and HTML5 applications on the GNOME 3 platform. It covers GNOME 3 specific subsystems such as data access, multimedia, networking, and filesystem. It also covers good software engineering practices such as localization and testing.

Chapter 1: Installing GNOME 3 and SDK
Chapter 2: Preparing Our Weapons
Chapter 3: Programming Languages
Chapter 4: Using GNOME Core Libraries
Chapter 5: Building Graphical User Interface Applications
Chapter 6: Creating Widgets
Chapter 7: Having Fun with Multimedia
Chapter 8: Playing with Data
Chapter 9: Deploying HTML5 Applications with GNOME
Chapter 10: Desktop Integration
Chapter 11: Making Our Applications Go International
Chapter 12: Quality Made Easy
Chapter 13: Exciting Projects
Appendix: Pop Quiz Answers

Author Details
"Mohammad Anwari"

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