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Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the GNU/Linux Shell (2nd Edition)

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About the Authors
Chapter 1: Hello, World: Your First Shell Program
Chapter 2: Input, Output, and Throughput
Chapter 3: Looping and Branching
Chapter 4: Command-Line Parsing and Expansion
Chapter 5: Parameters and Variables
Chapter 6: Shell Functions
Chapter 7: String Manipulation
Chapter 8: File Operations and Commands
Chapter 9: Reserved Words and Built-In Commands
Chapter 10: Writing Bug-Free Scripts and Debugging the Rest
Chapter 11: Programming for the Command Line
Chapter 12: Runtime Configuration
Chapter 13: Data Processing
Chapter 14: Scripting the Screen
Chapter 15: Entry-Level Programming
Appendix A: Shell Variables

Author Details
"Chris F. A. Johnson" was introduced to Unix in 1990 and learned shell scripting because there was no C compiler on the system. His first major project was a menu-driven, userextensible database system with report generator.

"Jayant Varma" is the founder of OZ Apps, a consulting, training, and development company providing IT solutions (specialization in mobile technology). He is an experienced developer with more than 20 years of industry experience spread across several countries.

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