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Practical LPIC-1 Linux Certification Study Guide

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Whether you’re reading this book because you’ve decided to earn the Linux Professional Institute’s Server Professional Certification or because you simply want to learn more about Linux administration, you’ve made a great choice. Right now, for a thousand reasons, Linux administration skills are opening doors to some of the hottest job markets on earth. And with the ongoing explosive growth of the cloud computing world—the vast majority of it being built with Linux—the opportunities will only get richer.

Now, about this book. I chose to have the chapters closely follow the LPIC exam topics. Not only will this make it much easier for you to study for each of the two exams required for the LPIC-1 certification, but I believe that the exam objectives are actually nicely aligned with the tools you’ll need in the real world. Whether or not you end up taking the exam, if you manage to learn this material, you’ll have done yourself a real favor. By far the most important element of your success, however, will have very little to do with this or any other book. No matter how much time you spend studying a book, very little of the information you read will magically translate into knowledge and skills, unless you put it to work.

If you want to really “get” this stuff, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves, open up a terminal, and do it. As soon as you finish a chapter or a section, try out what you’ve learned on a real living, breathing Linux system. Even better, take on your own projects. Be ambitious. Be adventurous. Take (managed) risks.

To this end, I include suggestions for practical exercises at the end of each chapter (right before the Test Yourself quizzes). Be prepared to spend longer than you expected on some of those tasks, sometimes longer than it took you to read the chapters they’re based on. Also, accept that you will probably make some mistakes that will require even more time to fix. This is all as it should be. Remember: you learn more from experience than anything else.

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About the Author
Chapter 1: Topic 101: System Architecture
Chapter 2: Topic 102: Linux Installation and Package Management
Chapter 3: Topic 103: Gnu and Unix Commands
Chapter 4: Topic 104: Devices, Linux Filesystems, and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Chapter 5: Topic 105: Shells, Scripting, and Databases
Chapter 6: Topic 106: User Interfaces and Desktops
Chapter 7: Topic 107: Administrative Tasks
Chapter 8: Topic 108: Essential System Services
Chapter 9: Topic 109: Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 10: Topic 110: Security
Appendix: LPIC-1 Exam Objectives

Author Details
"David Clinton" is an experienced teacher, writer, and Linux system administrator.

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