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The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins And Everyone Who Wants To Be One

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Reveals and illustrates the awesome power and flexibility of the command line, and the design and usage philosophies that support those traits. This understanding of how to extract the most from the Linux command line can help you become a better SysAdmin. Understand why many things in the Linux and Unix worlds are done as they are, and how to apply the Linux Philosophy to working as a SysAdmin.

The original Unix/Linux Philosophy presented foundational and functional tenets - rules, guidelines, and procedural methods - that worked well. However, it was intended for the developers of those operating systems. Although System Administrators could apply many of the tenets to their daily work, many important tenets were missing.

Over the years that David Both has been working with Linux and Unix, he has formulated his own philosophy – one which applies more directly to the everyday life of the System Administrator. This book defines a philosophy, and then illuminates the practical aspects of that philosophy with real-world experiments you can perform. Inspired by David’s real mentors, and dedicated to them, The Linux Philosophy for System Administrators is a mentor to SysAdmins everywhere; remember - "If you fail you learn."

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Linux Philosophy
Chapter 2: Getting Ready
Part II: Foundation
Chapter 3: Data Streams
Chapter 4: Transforming Data Streams
Chapter 5: Everything Is a File
Chapter 6: Using the Linux FHS
Part III: Function
Chapter 7: Embrace the CLI
Chapter 8: Be a Lazy SysAdmin
Chapter 9: Automate Everything
Chapter 10: Always Use Shell Scripts
Chapter 11: Test Early, Test Often
Chapter 12: Use Commonsense Naming
Chapter 13: Store Data in Open Formats
Chapter 14: Use Separate filesystems for Data
Chapter 15: Make Programs Portable
Chapter 16: Use Open Source Software
Part IV: Becoming Zen
Chapter 17: Strive for Elegance
Chapter 18: Find the Simplicity
Chapter 19: Use Your Favorite Editor
Chapter 20: Document Everything
Chapter 21: Back Up Everything – Frequently
Chapter 22: Follow Your Curiosity
Chapter 23: There Is No Should
Chapter 24: Mentor the Young SysAdmins
Chapter 25: Support Your Favorite Open Source Project
Chapter 26: Reality Bytes

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"David Both"

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