Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Linux Programmer’s Toolbox (Free PDF)

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I wrote this book as a follow-up to an article I wrote for the Linux Journal entitled “Ten Commands Every Linux Developer Should Know.” The inspiration for this article came from my own experience as a Linux programmer. In my daily work I make it a point to invest some of my time in learning something new, even if it means a temporary lull in progress on my project. Invariably this strategy has paid off. I have always been amazed at how many times I learned about a tool or feature that I concluded would not be useful, only to find a use for it shortly afterward. This has always been a powerful motivation for me to keep learning. I hope that by reading this book, you will follow my example and enhance your skills on a regular basis.

It’s also just plain fun to learn about this stuff. If you are like me, you enjoy working with Linux. Motivating yourself to learn more has never been a problem. Because Linux is open source, you have the opportunity to understand all of its inner workings, which is not possible with closed source environments like Windows. In this book I present several freely available resources available to help you learn more.

About the Author
Chapter 1: Downloading and Installing Open Source Tools
Chapter 2: Building from Source
Chapter 3: Finding Help
Chapter 4: Editing and Maintaining Source Files
Chapter 5: What Every Developer Should Know about the Kernel
Chapter 6: Understanding Processes
Chapter 7: Communication between Processes
Chapter 8: Debugging IPC with Shell Commands
Chapter 9: Performance Tuning
Chapter 10: Debugging

Author Details
"John Fusco"

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