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Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Development (Free PDF)

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This book mainly focuses on the development of P&IDs and how to show different elements on P&IDs.

The information in this book will not only help in the development of P&IDs, but will also help in understanding the activities of process plants that are related to P&IDs.

Chemical engineers will use this book to learn how to design process plants based on selected and designed/ specified equipment or unit operations or process units. They will learn how to “tie” together different units to make sure the plant runs safely and produces the predetermined products with the highest level of operability.

Chemical engineers and other engineers in process plants will use this book so that they can read and interpret P&IDs deeply in order to maintain any piece of equipment in the plant and/or doing repair.

There are several disciplines involved, including chemical engineering, mechanical, piping instrumentation and control, electrical engineering, and civil engineering disciplines.

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Part I: Fundamentals of P&ID Development
1. What Is P&ID
2. Management of P&ID Development
3. Anatomy of a P&ID Sheet
4. General Rules in Drawing of P&IDs
5. Principles of P&ID Development
Part II: Pipes and Equipment
6. Pipes
7. Manual Valves and Automatic Valves
8. Provisions for Ease of Maintenance
9. Containers
10. Pumps and Compressors
11. Heat Transfer Units
12. Pressure Relief Devices
Part III: Instrumentation and Control System
13. Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Control
14. Application of Control Architectures
15. Plant Process Control
16. Plant Interlocks and Alarms
Part IV: Utilities
17. Utilities
Part V: Additional Information and General Procedure
18. Ancillary Systems and Additional Considerations
19. General Procedures
20. Examples

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"Moe Toghraei"

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