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Practical Internet of Things Security (Free PDF)

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Only a few people would contest the assertion that the phenomenon of the Internet of Things poses problems related to security, safety, and privacy. Given the remarkable industrial and consumer diversity of the IoT, one of the principal challenges and goals we faced when electing to write this book was determining how to identify and distill the core IoT security principles in as useful, but industry-agnostic a way as possible. It was equally important to balance real-world application with background theory, especially given the unfathomable number of current and forthcoming IoT products, systems, and applications. To end this, we included some basic security (and safety) topics that we must adequately, if minimally, cover as they are needed as a reference point in any meaningful security conversation. Some of the security topics apply to devices (endpoints), some to communication connections between them, and yet others to the larger enterprise.

Another goal of this book was to lay out security guidance in a way that did not regurgitate the vast amounts of existing cybersecurity knowledge as it applies to today's networks, hosts, operating systems, software, and so on, though we realized some is necessary for a meaningful discussion on IoT security. Not wanting to align with a single industry or company selling products, we strove to sufficiently carve out and tailor useful security approaches that encompass the peculiarities and nuances of what we think both distinguishes and aligns IoT with conventional cybersecurity.

Chapter 1: A Brave New World
Chapter 2: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Countermeasures
Chapter 3: Security Engineering for IoT Development
Chapter 4: The IoT Security Lifecycle
Chapter 5: Cryptographic Fundamentals for IoT Security Engineering
Chapter 6: Identity and Access Management Solutions for the IoT
Chapter 7: Mitigating IoT Privacy Concerns
Chapter 8: Setting Up a Compliance Monitoring Program for the IoT
Chapter 9: Cloud Security for the IoT
Chapter 10: IoT Incident Response

Author Details
"Brian Russell" is a chief engineer focused on cyber security solutions for Leidos. He oversees the design and development of security solutions and the implementation of privacy and trust controls for customers, with a focus on securing Internet of Things (IoT).

"Drew Van Duren" currently works at Leidos as a senior cryptographic and cybersecurity engineer, highlighting 15 years of support to commercial, US Department of Defense, and US Department of Transportation (USDOT) customers in their efforts to secure vital transportation and national security systems.

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