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Service-Oriented Architecture: An Integration Blueprint (Free PDF)

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Despite the wide variety of useful and comprehensive books and other publications on the subject of integration, the approaches that they describe often lack practical relevance. The basic issue involves, on the one hand, deciding how to divide an integration solution into individual areas so that it meets the customer requirements, and on the other hand, how it can be implemented with a reasonable amount of effort. In this case, this means structuring it in such a way that standardized, triedand- tested basic components can be combined to form a functioning whole, with the help of tools and products. For this reason, the Trivadis Integration Architecture Blueprint subdivides the integration layer into further layers. This kind of layering is not common in technical literature, but it has been proven to be very useful in practice. It allows any type of integration problem to be represented, including traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), classic EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), EDA (event-driven architecture), and grid computing. This idea is reflected in the structure of the book.

Chapter 1: Basic Principles
Chapter 2: Base Technologies
Chapter 3: Integration Architecture Blueprint
Chapter 4: Implementation scenarios
Chapter 5: Vendor Products for Implementing the Trivadis Blueprint
Appendix: References

Author Details
"Guido Schmutz" has worked as a software developer, IT consultant, lead architect, trainer, and coach for more than 20 years.

"Daniel Liebhart" has more than 20 years experience of IT, and 10 years experience of managing IT services and product development.

"Peter Welkenbach" works as a consultant, senior architect, and trainer in the fields of requirement engineering, object-oriented methodologies, software engineering, and quality management.

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