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Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (10th Edition)

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Computers are no longer just for specialists. Today, computing is not just a profession and a hobby; it is also a tool used in virtually all human activities. That’s why we’ve compiled this book of background knowledge. Its purpose is to tell you the things other people think you already know.

We design this book to have a convenient size so it can be easily carried around. In compiling a book this size, we have had to be selective. The quickest way to identify a word that you can’t find in a book is probably to do a web search (see SEARCH ENGINE). Also, some terms are almost always abbreviated, and in that case you should look for the abbreviation rather than the full term.

Much has changed since the first edition of this book was published more than twenty years ago. New terms are being invented every day. We regularly update the book, and this edition contains new entries on a variety of topics including Windows Vista and Mac OS X. We’ve also cut out material that was showing its age.

Terms are marked slang or humorous if they are seldom used in serious writing. They are marked as jargon if, in our estimation, they are somewhat pretentious new names for old concepts and are not likely to endure. We provide occasional Usage notes to explain grammar, spelling, and proper use of words, such as the exact difference between disc and disk.

1. About the Authors
2. To the Reader
3. Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms
4. Visual Dictionary of Characters and Symbols
5. Country Codes for Top-Level Domains

Author Details
"Douglas A. Downing", Ph.D. School of Business and Economics Seattle Pacific University

"Michael A. Covington", Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence Center The University of Georgia

"Melody Mauldin Covington" Covington Innovations Athens, Georgia

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