Friday, January 4, 2019

CNC Shark Family: Machining, Routing, Engraving Machine owner's Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a CNC Shark! Your Shark brings the speed and precision of computercontrolled machinery to your shop with the top value CNC system.

This manual tells you more about your CNC Shark system and how to operate and maintain it. Please read the manual carefully. The manual also includes our warranty and important safety information.

This manual has been written with the assumption that the owner is familiar with the basic operation of a computer as well as the basic aspects of techniques for the safe operation of woodworking power tools. Information in this manual is subject to change without notice.

1. To Our Customers
2. Serial Number and Software License Information
3. Warranty
4. Safety
5. Overview
6. CNC Shark Assembly Instructions
7. Software Installation
8. Systems Check
9. CNC Shark Control Panel
10. CNC Shark Post Processors
11. Maintenance
12. Information Resources
13. Tooling Suppliers
14. CNC Shark Family Specifications
15. CNC Shark
16. CNC Shark Pro
17. CNC Shark Pro Plus
18. CNC Shark Pro Plus HD
19. Computer Requirements

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