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Process Piping Design Handbook

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During the Christmas to New Year’s period of the years 2007 and 2008, Paul Bowers and I had the honor to peer review the book Advanced Piping Design by Rutger Botermans and Peter Smith. While we were corresponding with Peter Smith a discussion developed about the need for a book that would provide guidance in the set-up and management of the piping design- book for the project engineer or project manager who wishes to know more about the management of piping design and the piping designer who is new to the role of a piping lead.

There are many fine books available on piping design and plant layout, but we shared a common observation that there is very little information available on how to manage the piping design. It was
from these initial discussions and our observation that the making of a book was born, the final result of which is this book that you hold in your hands today.

List of Table
List of Figares
1. Before You Begin
2. Procedures
3. Deliverables
4. Detailed Design
5. Shop Fabrication
6. Field Construction

Author Details
"Richard j. Beale, C.Tech"

"Paul Bowers"

"Peter Smith"

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