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Application of Advanced NDT Methods on Bridge health Assessment and Analysis

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Bridge structures have an important role in economic, social and environmental aspects of society life. Bridges are also subject to a natural process of deterioration of construction materials, as well as natural and environmental events such as flooding, freezing, thawing etc. Health monitoring and assessment of the structural integrity of bridges have been the focus of engineers and researchers for decades. Currently, the various aspects of bridge health are monitored separately. However, measuring these aspects independently does not give the overall health of the bridge and crucial indicators of structural damage can be neglected. Generally, bridge health assessments take the form of individual NDT (non-destructive techniques) detecting individual defects. However value can be added to these results by combining and comparing the findings of several different NDT surveys. By completing this, a more accurate assessment of bridge health is obtained. This increases confidence in the decision as to whether remedial action is necessary. In this thesis an integrated bridge health monitoring approach is proposed which applies several NDT specifically chosen for bridge health assessments, thus achieving this added value. This method can be used as a part of a comprehensive bridge monitoring strategy as an assessment tool to evaluate the bridges structural health. This approach enables the user of this approach to obtain a detailed structural report on the bridge with all the necessary information pertaining to its’ health, allowing for a fully educated decision to be made regarding whether remedial action is necessary.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review and Background Studies
Chapter 3: Research Methodology
Chapter 4: Results and Analysis
Chapter 5: Parametric Study
Chapter 6: Discussion
Chapter 7: Conclusion and Further Work
Appendix A: IBIS-S
Appendix B: GPR
Appendix C: Validation Results
Appendix D: Pentagon Road Bridge
Appendix E: List of Publications

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