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Optimal Design of Queueing Systems (Free PDF)

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What began a long time ago as a comprehensive book on optimization of queueing systems has evolved into two books: this one on optimal design and a subsequent book (still in the works) on optimal control of queueing systems. In this setting, \design" refers to setting the parameters of a queueing system (such as arrival rates and service rates) before putting it into operation. By contrast, in \control" problems the parameters are control variables in the sense that they can be varied dynamically in response to changes in the state of the system.

The distinction between design and control, admittedly, can be somewhat arti cial. But the available material had outgrown the con nes of a single book and I decided that this was as good a way as any of making a division. Why look at design models? In principle, of course, one can always do better by allowing the values of the decision variables to depend on the state of the system, but in practice this is frequently an unattainable goal. For example, in modern communication networks, real-time information about the buffer contents at the various nodes (routers/switches) of the network would, in principle, help us to make good real-time decisions about the routing of messages or packets. But such information is rarely available to a centralized controller in time to make decisions that are useful for the network as a whole. Even if it were available, the combinatorial complexity of the decision problem makes it impossible to solve even approximately in the time available.

List of Figures
1. Introduction to Design Models
2. Optimal Arrival Rates in a Single-Class Queue
3. Dynamic Adaptive Algorithms: Stability and Chaos
4. Optimal Arrival Rates in a Multiclass Queue
5. Optimal Service Rates in a Single-Class Queue
6. Multi-Facility Queueing Systems: Parallel Queues
7. Single-Class Networks of Queues
8. Multiclass Networks of Queues
A Scheduling a Single-Server Queue

Author Details
"Shaler Stidham", Jr.
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U. S. A.

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