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3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE For Mobiles Broadband (Free PDF)

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This book describes the evolution of3Gdigital cellular into an advanced broadband mobile access. The focus of this book is on the evolution of the 3G mobile communication as developed in the 3GPP standardization (Third Generation Partnership Project), looking at the radio access and access network evolution.

This book is divided into five parts. Part I gives the background to 3G and its evolution, looking also at the different standards bodies and organizations involved in the process of defining 3G. It is followed by a discussion of the reasons and driving forces behind the 3G evolution. Part II gives a deeper insight into some of the technologies that are included, or are expected to be included as part of the 3G evolution. Because of its generic nature, Part II can be used as a background not only for the evolution steps taken in 3GPP as described in this book, but also for readers that want to understand the technology behind other systems, such as WiMAX and CDMA2000.

List of Figures
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List of Acronyms
Part I: Introduction
1. Background of 3G evolution
2. The motives behind the 3G evolution
Part II: Technologies for 3G Evolution
3. High data rates in mobile communication
4. OFDM transmission
5. Wider-band ‘single-carrier’ transmission
6. Multi-antenna techniques
7. Scheduling, link adaptation and hybrid ARQ
8. WCDMA evolution: HSPA and MBMS
9. High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
10. Enhanced Uplink
11. MBMS: multimedia broadcast multicast services
12. HSPA Evolution
Part IV: LTE and SAE
13. LTE and SAE: introduction and design targets
14. LTE radio access: an overview
15. LTE radio interface architecture
16. LTE physical layer
17. LTE access procedures
18. System Architecture Evolution
Part V: Performance and Concluding Remarks
19. Performance of 3G evolution
20. Other wireless communications systems
21. Future evolution

Author Details
"Erik Dahlman"

"Stefan Parkvall"

"Johan Sk├Âld"

"Per Beming"

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