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Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics-1

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This is the first of a series of books for the University of Cambridge International Examinations syllabus for Cambridge International A & AS Level Mathematics 9709. The eight chapters of this book cover the pure mathematics in AS level. The series also contains a more advanced book for pure mathematics and one each for mechanics and statistics.

These books are based on the highly successful series for the Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) syllabus in the UK but they have been redesigned for Cambridge users; where appropriate new material has been written and the exercises contain many past Cambridge examination questions. An overview of the units making up the Cambridge International A & AS Level Mathematics 9709 syllabus is given in the diagram on the next page.

Throughout the series the emphasis is on understanding the mathematics as well as routine calculations. The various exercises provide plenty of scope for practising basic techniques; they also contain many typical examination questions.

Key to symbols in this book
The Cambridge A & AS Level Mathematics 9709 syllabus
Chapter 1: Algebra
Chapter 2: Co-ordinate geometry
Chapter 3: Sequences and series
Chapter 4: Functions
Chapter 5: Differentiation
Chapter 6: Integration
Chapter 7: Trigonometry
Chapter 8: Vectors

Author Details
"Sophie Goldie"

"Roger Porkess"

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