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Social Media Mining An Introduction (Free PDF)

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We live in an age of big data.With hundreds of millions of people spending countless hours on social media to share, communicate, connect, interact, and create user-generated data at an unprecedented rate, social media has become one unique source of big data. This novel source of rich data provides unparalleled opportunities and great potential for research and development. Unfortunately, more data does not necessarily beget more good, only more of the right (or relevant) data that enables us to glean gems. Social media data differs from traditional data we are familiar with in data mining. Thus, new computational methods are needed to mine the data. Social media data is noisy, free-format, of varying length, and multimedia. Furthermore, social relations among the entities, or social networks form, an inseparable part of social media data; hence, it is incumbent that social theories and research methods be employed with statistical and data mining methods. It is therefore a propitious time for social media mining.

Social media mining is a rapidly growing new field. It is an interdisciplinary field at the crossroad of disparate disciplines deeply rooted in computer science and social sciences. There are an active community and a large body of literature about social media. The fast growing interests and intensifying need to harness social media data require research and the development of tools for finding insights from big social media data. This book is one of the intellectual efforts to answer the novel challenges of social media. It is designed to enable students, researchers, and practitioners to acquire fundamental concepts and algorithms for social media mining.

Preface page
1. Introduction
Part I: Essentials
2. Graph Essentials
3. Network Measures
4. Network Models
5. Data Mining Essentials
Part II: Communities and Interactions
6. Community Analysis
7. Information Diffusion in Social Media
Part III: Applications
8. Influence and Homophily
9. Recommendation in Social Media
10. Behavior Analytics

Author Details
Arizona State University, Tempe

Arizona State University, Tempe

Arizona State University, Tempe

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