Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization (3rd Edition)

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The book before you is designed to be a complete and thorough education on search engine optimization for digital marketers at all levels. This third edition has been completely revamped and updated from the second edition, taking into account the vast number of changes in the search engine industry, and the digital marketing field as a whole - from the rise of social media to the explosion of mobile. Nonetheless, as with the first and second editions, you can think of it as SEO 101, SEO 102, and SEO 500. Our goal has been to help simplify a very complex, layered topic and to make it easier for people to grasp, as well as to make it easier to focus on the most important aspects of SEO for individual businesses—while at the same time providing depth of knowledge and expertise that the most advanced search veteran can utilize. As a group, we have over 40 years’ experience working on SEO, a discipline involving deep proficiency in all aspects of digital marketing—from website development, information architecture, and user experience (UX) to market research, content strategy, analytics, conversion optimization, and data-driven decision making. These technical skills, along with the ability to merge the analytical with the creative, compose the SEO professional’s toolkit. We have seen how SEO works over a relatively long period of time, across thousands of different websites. Any one of us could have written this book individually (in fact, one of us tried to), but we discovered that by working together we were able to create something of much greater value for you, the savvy marketer who recognizes the value of the most highly converting digital channel.

1. Search: Reflecting Consciousness and Connecting Commerce
2. Search Engine Basics
3. SEO Planning: Customizing Your Strategy
4. SEO Implementation: First Stages
5. Keyword Research
6. Developing an SEO-Friendly Website
7. Content Marketing
8. How Social Media and User Data Play a Role in Search Results and Rankings
9. Panda, Penguin, and Penalties
10. Mobile, Local, and Vertical SEO
11. Tracking Results and Measuring Success
12. Domain Changes, Redesigns, and Troubleshooting
13. SEO Education and Research
14. SEO Support: In-House, External, or Both?
15. An Evolving Art Form: The Future of SEO

Author Details
"Eric Enge"

"Stephan Spencer"

"Jessie C. Stricchiola"

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