Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Learning Network Forensics (Free PDF)

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Just like the motto of the Olympic Games—Faster, Higher, Stronger—networks today are faster, wider, and greater. For widespread high-speed networks, carrying greater volumes of data has become a norm rather than the exception. All of these characteristics come with great exposure to a huge variety of threats to the data carried by the networks. The current threat landscape necessitates an increased understanding of the data on our networks, the way we secure it and the telltale signs left behind after an incident. This book aims at introducing the subject of network forensics to further help in understanding how data flows across the networks as well as introduce the ability to investigate forensic artifacts or clues to gather more information related to an incident.

Chapter 1: Becoming Network 007s
Chapter 2: Laying Hands on the Evidence
Chapter 3: Capturing & Analyzing Data Packets
Chapter 4: Going Wireless
Chapter 5: Tracking an Intruder on the Network
Chapter 6: Connecting the Dots – Event Logs
Chapter 7: Proxies, Firewalls, and Routers
Chapter 8: Smuggling Forbidden Protocols – Network Tunneling
Chapter 9: Investigating Malware – Cyber Weapons of the Internet
Chapter 10: Closing the Deal – Solving the Case

Author Details
"Samir Datt" has been dabbling with digital investigations since 1988, which was around the time he solved his first case with the help of an old PC and Lotus 123. He is the Founder CEO of Foundation Futuristic Technologies (P) Ltd, better known as ForensicsGuru.com. He is widely credited with evangelizing computer forensics in the Indian subcontinent and has personally trained thousands of law enforcement officers in the area.

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