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Ubuntu: Powerful Hacks and Customizations (Free PDF)

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I started seriously using Linux in 1995. Back then, Slackware 3.0 was the popular distribution, but RedHat 2.1 and Debian 1.0 were gaining a following. Ah, the good old days of the 1.2.13 kernel . . .

Over the last decade, I have used Linux on all types of systems and platforms—from personal computers to mission-critical servers, and from Intel’s x86 to PowerPC, SGI, and Sun platforms. I view the operating system as a tool, and the right job needs the right tool. Ten years ago, the flexible Linux system filled a niche that Microsoft, Sun, and other proprietary operating systems could not fill. It had all the power and programming hooks that a developer could want but was seriously lacking in usability and support. Custom device drivers did not exist unless you built them, and compatibility with Microsoft Windows was limited to FTP and the web.

Today, the kernel is up to version 2.6 and Ubuntu is one of the fastest-growing Linux distributions available. Ubuntu combines all the desirable features—usability, security, and support—into one distribution.

Part I: Optimizing Your System
Chapter 1: Hacking the Installation
Chapter 2: Customizing the User Environment
Chapter 3: Configuring Devices
Chapter 4: Adapting Input Devices
Part II: Working with Compatibility
Chapter 5: Managing Software
Chapter 6: Communicating Online
Chapter 7: Collaborating
Part III: Improving Performance
Chapter 8: Tuning Processes
Chapter 9: Multitasking Applications
Chapter 10: Getting Graphical with Video Bling
Part IV: Securing Your System
Chapter 11: Locking Down Ubuntu
Chapter 12: Advanced Networking
Chapter 13: Enabling Services

Author Details
"Neal Krawetz" earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2002, he founded Hacker Factor, where he specializes in non-classical computer forensics, online profiling, and computer security.

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