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Workshop Materials (Workshope Practice)


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This book describes the many varied materials used by model engineers in their workshops such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals including aluminium, brass and copper, hard and soft woods and a number of engineering and other plastics. It also contains details about abrasives, adhesives, bearing materials, ceramics and refractory materials, coatings, electroplating solutions, fuels, gases, lubricants, pickles, polishing materials, sealants and solders. It provides an easy reference for those seeking the right material for the task or an item specified on plan. Packed full of useful information, the book is aimed at those who build model locomotives, traction, boat and stationary steam engines, oil, diesel, glow and petrol engines, gas turbines, artillery pieces, farming appliances, carriages and other road vehicles as well as those who make clocks and workshop tools. It is also directed at those working with full-size machinery, such as vintage cars, motor and pedal cycles, traction engines and railway locomotives.

Chapter 1: Iron and steel
Chapter 2: Aluminium and copper
Chapter 3: Other non-ferrous metals
Chapter 4: Selecting materials
Chapter 5: Plastics
Chapter 6: Wood
Chapter 7: Refractory and abrasive materials
Chapter 8: Jointing materials
Chapter 9: Cleaning, etching, pickling and plating fluids
Chapter 10: Coatings, fuels, lubricants and other workshop materials
Appendix 1. Safety
Appendix 2. Glossary of terms and abbreviations
Appendix 3. Metric/imperial conversion tables
Appendix 4. List of useful addresses
Appendix 5. Bibliography

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"Alex Weiss"

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